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  1. DavidAW

    DavidAW New Member

    Virginia Beach
    Hi All
    Tromz posted earlier about do an HAMOM at his house.
    I think it is Helping a Member of the Month, but not sure. Basically go to someone's house and help wrench and drink and shoot the shit.

    I think this is a great idea if we can get a few members out to pitch in on someones project/repair. Should be win-win for everyone.

    Is anyone else interested in getting this going?

    Maybe we can use this thread to get a list of:
    -Who wants to participate
    -What special tools we have
    -What Projects/Repairs are out there.

    Then get a schedule/sing up of some sort.

    I just got a Lincoln Stick Welder and I have a 110V Mig.
    Other than that I have basic tools, everything for a knuckle rebuild.
    I've got an SOA project on the 60 in the Parts Gathering stage.

  2. DomsFJ40

    DomsFJ40 Regular Member

    Hey all I am looking for an Altanator, Voltage Reg for my 78 FJ40. If anyone has one laying around let me know. Auto shack is back ordered.
  3. tromz

    tromz New Member

    I have basic tools...but plenty of space.. need some plywood / work mats for the gravel driveway under the rigs. Its not crush and run but the smooth decorative stuff. I crawl around on it all the time . Some floor jacks , air compressors and such. Maybe a few blocks/ jackstands.. I have one set of 6 tons. I use the stock bottle jack and those for my stuff. I need to instal my Ipor skid and fix a lug . Maybe de flare the front..
    The woman works next weekend . Doesn't matter but I do have company on the weekend of the 22. So that would be the only one thats out. Weekdays are also good but prob not for everyone else.
    As far as I know we are here for GA/FL game
  4. tromz

    tromz New Member

    Milage/gas was a topic on my other thread.. Its 70 miles from my door to north end oceanfront.
    20 -30 in gas in a 80 depending on prices. So adjust mileage acording to location. . If we cach a snag a short storage is not an issue. We can prob fit rigs here without too much musical workshop.
    Big yard ..bass in the lake..:hillbilly:

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