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How to use/paint Chip Guard?

Discussion in 'Paint and Body' started by gray, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. gray


    Dec 10, 2005
    Anyone know how to properly apply and paint (over) Chip Guard
    like the SEM product?

    I replaced my OEM bumper a few months ago with a new factory painted bumper. In just this short time I am already getting little dings from stones, tried to touch it up, but a losing battle as I noticed that there literally dozens of very small pits from small stones, gravel, etc.

    So, figured I would sand it down a tad, then spray it with the SEM Chip Guard, then paint over that.

    Not sure if I need to prime it, as mentioned, it came painted from the factory, but the paint coat is extremely thin

    Problem is, I have never used this product or anything similar, and their website does not provide an technical advice.(side chat: Dupli-Color's website is great, a ton of little video clips for the do-it-yourselfer, but nothing on the SEM website. Their products are professional grade however, so mostly body shops using their stuff).

    So, anyone ever use this product of know how it should be used??

    I should mention; I am not looking for a rough finish like what you see with Rhino lining; the only purpose of using the Chip Guard is to help prevent dings in the paint.

    My plan is to probably use it on the front face of the metal bemper section, then paint over it, and also leaving the top of the bumper smooth and painted. In the end, the entire bumper will
    be the same OEM color. At least, that is the plan.

    Alternatively, I was thinking, if the Chip Guard cannot be painted over, was just to repaint the bumper, but use more layers and paint
    and a clear coat to provide more strength to resist dings.

    Advice from those who have used this product, or similar??

  2. gray


    Dec 10, 2005
    Answering my own question in case anyone wants the info; called SEM, they make professional auto paints for body shops, etc.

    Their Chip Guard is an Acrylic Lacquer, and as such cannot go over fresh enamel paints, which most rattle cans are; like most (but not all) Dupli-Color paints. The Chip Guard will lift or crinkle the enamel.

    SEM's tech recommended either using the Chip guard on the OEM paint either of two ways;
    1). Spray the clear over the OEM paint (assuming it is in good shape) and leave it as is; ie: the Chip Guard on top to protect the paint below.

    2)If you are going to paint over the Chip Guard with enamel, you first prepare the OEM paint surface by sanding and using primer (etching primer if you sanded down to metal), then spray the Chip Guard, then when dry, you can use the enamel rattle can paints over it.

    Of course, if you use an Acrylic Lacquer as the base color coat, you can spray the clear Chip Guard over it or vice versa.

    Clear, as mud??

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