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  1. gowyn


    Anyone ever tried one of these ?

    There's a small welding shop up here that made up about a half dozen of these last year but never managed to sell any. I talked to them and they're pretty desparate to sell some. I figure I could pick up one for around $6000CAD about $5200USD, pretty cheap considering it's construction.

    Only thing I'm not too sure about is the heat build up inside the tent in the summer, just like the old days with tents, openings only on the ends?

    Anyone else interested in one? Package deal.


    p.s. did a search!
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  2. atavuss


    I talked to them via email last fall. they told me their prices were going UP shortly, don't know if it was a ploy to try and push their product or what. I was in the area for a machine gun show and shoot but did not find out about their trailers until a week later or I would have stopped and looked as they were on my way home. I want to say that I think they told me 7495.00 when I talked to them before.......if so, the 5200.00 U.S. would be way lower in price. did you get the 5200.00 via personal communication? the heat build up in the summer would not be a problem for me as we go to 8000'+ elevations in the summer for camping trips. it does not appear that these trailers will have be as capable off road as the adventure trailer style of trailer.
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  3. gowyn


    machine gun shoot? woaaaaa

    I'm staying clear of you haha

    I'll pop by Monday but that was the number we were talking about last time we talked.
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    Reno, NV
    I was looking at the site (hich suck swamp water) a couple of nights ago. Fallon is about 50 miles east of Reno. So how did a Canadian welding shop wind up building these trailers?

    I saw an ATV trailer made by the same outfit when I worked on a desert rally. it was trick, very light and well built.

    I would worry more about condensation on the metal during the night than heat build up. The Haultent also looks to closed in. I want more open feeling when I get out in the hills, thats why I go. In addition it is little more than a box, no stove sink or water tank. The open interior wouln'd be great for hauling stuff to much room to slide around.
    Other than that it looks great.

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