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Few parts for sale in NC

Discussion in 'VA/NC- Mid-Atlantic Toyota Land Cruiser Associatio' started by jfz80, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. jfz80

    jfz80 SILVER Star

    High Point NC
    Howdy folks..... got a few items for sale if anyone is interested.
    Didnt see a for sale sticky so here goes.
    PM's will work best so I dont miss a response.

    third member from a 74
    4:10's and a brand new aussie locker, installed in third but never installed in a vehicle, instruction manual included
    Comes with stock spiders if you want to take back stock or sell the locker
    Im not super well versed in 40's stuff but this is a course spline I think??? can someone confirm?
    $250 plus the ride (cost of the aussie alone)

    15x10'' black steel wheels-- mounted once and stored for last couple years

    18'' rigid mtn bike Gary Fisher Tassajara
    recently tuned and bunch of brand new parts and tires

    56cm Raleigh road bike
    full 105 components, sti shifters, cinelli carbon fork

    Warn 8k winch
    steel cable roller fairlead
    works great just need a DD so trying to amass some funds

    FrontRunner Windcheetah full length roof rack
    two bike fork mounts
    two light mounts
    $800/$750 without the bike/light mounts


    on the right coast
    Would you mind posting pics of the Windcheetah full lenght roof rack and the mountain bike Gary Fisher? Thanks.

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