yet another ac question

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Oct 16, 2011
olympia wa
i tried the search and didn't find what i was looking for. my ac worked fine 3 months ago it was hot in chicago (yes in march) it was the first time i tried it since i bought the truck in october. anyway it cooled the truck great and i was happy because my previous car didn't have ac. anyway i move out to washington and didn't need the ac till a few weeks ago and nothing no compressor kicking on just nothing. i have used the can of refrigerate you can get from autozone and was wondering if i should try that before i take it in. any advice would be awesome.
If it has a leak and has lost enough coolant then the compressor will not kick on. Check the eye glass on the hardline. Mine is on the DS fender.
thanks ill take a look.
i took a look and i swear there is no window. i think ill add a can and see how long it last, being that i havnt had the truck in the summer who knows it could last awhile and being that i getting married in a week money is hard to come by for bit.

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