WTB: OEM Factory Soft Top Components

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Oct 1, 2003
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I am looking for Toyota sheet metal, not the Paki or other knock off stuff.

Want to start with the driver and passenger door enclosure sections, in the event someone has these lying around.

Or, what do you have?

Looking to make a soft top set up for my 1965 FJ-45 long bed pickup.

Thank you for your help.

Downy use to make a half cab for the FJ40 that look like it would be close. I missed out on bidding on one on Ebay years ago when my work computer froze up. Just the canvas not the bows. The bows would be the easy part. A little mod to the B pillar bow since the post on the FJ45 is short and a larger opening from what I remember. Haven't had the top off my FJ45 in years. Use a stock back bow. Lenghten it on the bottom to reach the floor. Use the same type of mounting system as in a FJ40. Short runners between the B pillar bow and back bow. The headers over the door are easy to make from stock hard top headers or use the soft top headers if you have them handy.

I believe at one time Ehsan was trying to make a FJ45 soft top in Pakistan but it never happened.

Another idea I had was to use the B pillar and rear bow together using a L shaped bracket the would fit where the hard top rested. Besides the couple of bolts on the ends install J hooks that would use the factory latches. You could make it weather tight using the factory gasket and install the twists on the part of the L backet that stood up in the back. This would help make the B pillar bow stable since the hole in the cab is short and no new holes would have to be drilled for the twists.
Here's how TLC did it. I like the extra over-head bar. It would give you more head room than just having the canvas going from the window to the b-pillar bar.

I have an eshan top and bows,the fit and finish is quite good,very tight with not much wind noise! I think only a handful of thse were made years ago..
45 soft top new shop 071.jpg
45 soft top new shop 061.jpg
45 soft top new shop 082.jpg
Thank you for the pictures Whitey.

Feel free to post up some more if you have them.


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