Wrenching and metal work day tomorrow

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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
Don't know if anyone is interested. But I'll be working on my cruiser all day tomorrow. Going to be cuting out rust and metal and welding new metal in as well as sanding the body down to be painted. If you interested in coming over to help or learn something just give me a call. 414-0563
Darn, I'm working all day tommorrow. I'm at the Gowansville station at hwy 11 and 14. I know that doens'nt help much though.
This weekend will be another marathon of body work. I've got most of the rear sill made. Have another fender to make and a few other rust spots to be cut out. If anyone wants to come help or learn or want to drink some cool ones around a bunch of cruisers come on. Wrenching starts tomorrow around 9. Will go to about 5-6. Same thing on Sun.

Call before you come as I may be out on a parts run. 414-0563

Whoa! is that your orange cruiser? or should I say WAS that your orange cruiser?
how late are you going to be working on sunday? i have to go to a wedding but if i get back early ill come by and lend you a hand
I've found my new wallpaper for work. I laughed all day at this photo. This was the cuban after he snapped the second lugnut off this side. lol.


Classic Cuban safety.


And another one. See if you can find the safety issue.

I love the 4x4 block and jack stand:hmm: you could recycle the wood and use it for lift blocks for the front axle:)
no jack stand on his side. wood under jackstands is perfectly safe. ;)

There was one on pass side. Other side had only one block, to bad the jack stand hung off the sides by an inch.:D
Thanks for receiving the wire. I didn't try to come over because I seem to remember this thread saying you were closing shop at five.
I'll call you after work tomorrow to arrange a time for pickup. Twill be after 5:30.


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