Windshield hinge

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Sep 17, 2006
Santa Rosa, CA
I've my hinges off and cleaned up with flap disc, sand blaster (and grinder on the back where there was a lot of pitting). I'm planning on painting them with Steel-It cause I think I'll like the look. But, before I paint them, should I take the pin out and separate the hinge halves? Or can I paint is as one piece. Is trying to get the pin out asking for trouble. I saw the thread on the cool stainless hinges with brass bushings - very sexy. But I'm fine with what I have. And, can I just degrease these and paint? Or do I need to do any else first.


SOR has reproduction for $170. CCOT has reproduction for $100. Do know a source for new?
@workingdog :

Been there, done that. Your hinges may be easier, but this is how my hinge disassembly worked out.

Three on-and-off days and more than a dozen drill bits later, I now have 'disassembled hinges' ready for new hinge pins:
Hinge 2.jpg

You can see some half-moon pieces of the last of the old pins, one hanging out of the hinge at 6 o'clock, the others on top of the hinge to the left. The stinkers didn't let go until the last drill bit basically pushed the remainder of the pins out of the hinge.

On the hinge at 6 o'clock, you can actually see the remnants of the serrations that are next to the head of the pin.

I used SOR stainless steel front door hinge pins and the plastic bushings that came with them. I painted the inside bores with some high-zinc primer.
So, I didn't touch the original hinges' pins. I cleaned and painted with Steel-It - stainless steel in a can. Here is the result. It looks like grey paints, but it's actually steel. I touched it too soon, so there are a few marks I need to touch up.

I ended up buying some of the brass bushings from a vendor on here and they work for the door but they don;t fit the windshield hinges. The holes on my 1970 windshield hinge are smaller than the doors. Will door pins work for the windshield?

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