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Sep 10, 2007
Boulder Colorado
I have a 1978 FJ40 with power steering and a stock 58'' bumper. Any recommendations on a good winch set-up? Warn is very proud of the 8274, I recieved a quote of $1750.00. For that much coin, I would have to tell my wife I was buying a wench, not a winch. Are there other models/brands that are well thought of in the MUD community. Pictures of set-ups would be helpfull.
Save your money, purchase the 8274-50 once, and be done with it.
Definately go with the 8274.

You'll never buy another!
yup - craigslist, kijiji, ebay, bargain finder. I got two for $100, and then spent 800.00 rebuilding both to better than new. Keep in mind I replaced a motor from Warn (not knockoff) and put in all new bushings, bearings, seals and one shaft, powder coat and plating as well. One could argue I got near $4000.00 in winches for $900.00 (new 8274's are $1850-2200 around here). Plus I had fun doing it.
Pick one up cheap. I dare say your fellow mudders have few topics more revered than an 8274 so rebuild advise is a post away.

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