Who wants a 24v motor?!

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Jan 29, 2022
Elizabeth City NC 27909
So I came across a warn 9.5XP off of a humvee and I believe that is a 24v winch. Firstly-would anyone like to trade motors/winches? If any of y’all are running dual batteries and have an 8074 I think this would be a great upgrade as the 68608 motor from an XP is a popular mod for that winch (so says the internet at least). And if nobody wants this thing then is anyone running a budget dual battery setup on a Toyota 120 platform (fj, 4th gen t4r, Prado 120, and especially a GX470 as that’s the vehicle this winch will be mounted to)?
Just to clarify, dual batteries does not usually mean 24V. Most folk will run dual batteries to have a main 12V as the starting battery and the aux battery to run 'house' loads like a fridge etc. This is still a 12V system since the batteries are not in series, they are in an independent 12V setup.

Pretty well the only place you'll find 24V will be a 24V diesel system.

I may be interested in a 24V motor if it will fit an 8274. I'm bidding on a 12v 8274 winch now, won't know if I've 'won' it for a few hours.

Could you post up a pic of the motor and nameplate data?
Also interested if it would fit an 8274. Seems like based on searching the 9.5xp will mount to an 8274, so a 24v would be the same.
SO...[kicking rock]...

Is this motor still on the table?
Just bumping this thread. I am in need to a 24v motor (8803 or similar) for an 8274.
So I’m in eastern NC and I bought a harbor freight winch for the lex so whoever wants the motor I will give away the whole thing. I’ll try and post some pics tomorrow. Sorry I let the thread die-life got a little busy for a while.
Still interested, based on pics, a model #.

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