Which radiator hose do I install inline water temp sensor on (1 Viewer)

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Jun 10, 2016
San Antonio
Have a 97 with a 1FZFE. I also have an inline adapter for a water temp sensor. Which radiator hose do i install the temp sensor on? I tried the upper radiator hose but I’m not even reaching 100 on my gauge. Thanks!

Second gauge, 3rd sensor... guessing wrong location
Top hose normally or the connection to the cylinder head. Is your thermost working properly, the stock gauge goes to the middle even if not properly warmed.

There is a mod that can be done to the gauge so it more accurately reflects engine temperature.


93-97 Coolant Temperature Gauge Modification


Are you reading Celsius or Fahrenheit? Top hose
Thanks Dave, I just completely replaced my cooling system (preventative, just added supercharger) including the thermostat.

I should have clarified, stock guage is reading normal, this is for an aftermarket autometer gauge. Pre cooling system overhaul i was reaching 100-110. Now I’m not even reaching 100. I have tried 2 different gauges, one autometer one VDO and at this point have used 3 different temp sensors.
Ok, so this leads to another question. What could i have done wrong to make my autometer gauge and vdo gauge read less than 100 degrees?
Which side of the thermostat are they located ?

Not sure here, but I think some guys get the thermostat in backwards on the 2F
What is the temperature youd expect to see? I'm putting one on my truck.
Engine cold my sensor reads more or less ambient (obviously) under normal running it will climb to around 185-190°f.

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