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  1. Pierce

    Which radiator hose do I install inline water temp sensor on

    Have a 97 with a 1FZFE. I also have an inline adapter for a water temp sensor. Which radiator hose do i install the temp sensor on? I tried the upper radiator hose but I’m not even reaching 100 on my gauge. Thanks! Second gauge, 3rd sensor... guessing wrong location
  2. Peru Darrell

    Anyone have Head gasket front and back pics?

    I want to compare the head gasket that I can find locally here in Peru with the upgraded OEM head gasket. Unfortunately Toyota doesn't carry it and don't really want to wait a month to get the part shipped from USA if I don't have to. Oh yeah, the head gasket slowly surrendered while on what...
  3. FixedIt

    Wanted Temp Gauge - 73 F Engine

    Evening all! I am in need of a functional temp gauge for a 73 F engine. The rest of my gauge cluster works, but the temp gauge does not work. Thank you in advance! Dave
  4. D

    Coolant Temp Gauge Issue

    Hey everyone, I promised I've searched a ton so forgive my first post being a question and hopefully this isn't something I should have found and just missed. I just picked up my LX470 last week and got a deal on it since it had a few minor issues (half the third row missing, SRS light, etc...
  5. cult45

    Clutch Fan Re-grease Write Up

    Found this while researching. Bookmark it! Tuning and Understanding your Toyota Viscous Fan Clutch
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