SOLD Warn Winch Parts - San Diego

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Oct 22, 2019
San Diego
I sent my Warn 8074 (no free spool) to Warn to get serviced and they did a lot more than service it. They basically made it into a Warn 8274 (with my permission) and replaced just about everything except the gear in the process. That being said, they also returned the parts from the 8074 that they did not use, so before I throw these on Flea Bay I thought I would see if anyone on MUD needed some of them for their own use. I am not looking to make a killing on these, and I have seen the ridiculous eBay prices, so let me know what you need and we can make a deal. For those who insist on putting prices on items listed on MUD, I will oblige but don't be deterred by the pricing since I would rather get these to a MUD member who can use them than to make a huge profit on them.

Lower Case $100 SOLD
Lower Case 03.jpg

Lower Case 05.jpg

Lower Case 02.jpg
Lower Case 01.jpg
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I need that drum end support in post #5 @bmoonhajjar !!!!

Yes. Undecided about selling that at this point. What do you feel it is worth?
I think they are just under $100 brand spanking new from Summit racing.

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