Upgrading Base Model DX

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Feb 21, 2015
Finally after hunting for almost 1.5 years.. I got my hands on a 1997 model 4.2 Non Turbo HDJ 80 but it is a base model without any power windows, diff locks, sunroof, ice maker & those electronic gizmos. It has a 3 inch lift with 35 inch MT tyres. The interior is absolutely clean and neat. Will post pics of interior soon.

I'm planning to upgrade the model by installing power windows (original Toyota ones), power antenna with stock up / down switch, Horn pad on the steering wheel (it has a small crack) and Ac control switch panel with buttons. Since I stay in India and there are very few 80 series here which were imported by some embassies and the UN for diplomats. There are no junkyards or ebay site available here selling parts for this model. Everything needs to be imported.. :bang:. It is easier for me to import stuff from UK since my cousins keep travelling to India very often from there and they can hand carry the parts.

Has anyone tried this kind of an upgrade ? Any suggestions ?
I like the brush guard.
Wild style! :like:

Like mentioned I'm there is more than one folks here who would swap you for their power options.
Since we have all acted like vultures but haven't done much to answer your questions.

I would think that adding the things like power windows, automatic climate control and power antenna could be fairly easy, but as you can see by the people wanting to see your setup many of us would rather swap with you and have those manual options. These trucks are getting pretty old, and many have gone through 2 power antennas, many of the electric windows are slow or don't work, I haven't heard of many problems with the automatic climate control but I imagine it will suffer a similar fate.

I think you should keep it just like it is!
I'm pretty sure about 90% of those of us on here with power windows would gladly swap for manual.

I'm not a candidate because both my 80s are brown interior. Otherwise I would in a freaking heartbeat!!
Inside the door pocket seems to be an odd spot to put a speaker to me.

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