Ultimate Unobtanium SALE

Nov 28, 2006
Charleston, SC
looks like the cruiser is going to stay in the family guys. Thank you all for the interest. there will be some leftovers and i will post those in their appropriate locations.

Cant compete with the fj28 that was just posted in this section, hoever i have decided to part with my little stash. Here is how this is going to work. everything will be sold as a lot for the first 2 weeks just incase someone is out there and wants to do a full resto... after that starting May 21, 2010 i will part out for 2 weeks here on mud. after June 5, 2010 anything not sold will be put on ebay or junked for scrap metal. ie the tub.

here are some pics to get things started. parts are off a 1962 fj40 hard top. the cruiser it complete minus a couplt small parts and the drivetrain. just about everything is original and unharmed. even the frame.

fyi i know what all this stuff is...
just cleared my pms so you can pm me now for questions.

OK prices are as follows. get your wallets out...

----Lot sale pending with possible leftovers----The whole lot will be 3500 obo. when i say the whole LOT that means EVERY SINGLE 40 PART THAT I HAVE. if youre interested in the lot pm me if you need more info on parts. also if you are thinking about the lot and want to see EVERYTHING for yourself you can stop by just pm me and we can plan to meet up.----will also consider a trade with cash for a nice fzj80

Individual prices are as follows_I will not accept paypal unless you add the extra 3%. Dibbs will be honored only if posted on the thread. do not pm me any dibbs.

Early tool roll with tools-600$
Early TEQ spanners-15 ea
Early TEQ small pliers- 20
Stamped bezel-250
Seats pair-180
steering wheel-100
dual turn signals 2-200
soft top-400, soft doors 2-400 or whole set for 750
currogated top(top, sides, glass, bifold door)500
tail lights w/ new assembly and brackets 2-100 OR tail lights w/ new assembly 2-75
Reproduction clear parking/marker lenses 2-40
amber parking/marker lenses 2-10
Early bib-80
oem reflectors (new) 30ea
oem mirrors (new)25ea
hood ornament-80
split hood-100 OR split hood and ornament-150
silver instrument cluster-120
early horns 2-50
glove box door with shift plate and handle-50
fuel tank-75
front and rear 1980 disk brake and drum brake axle pair front disk axle recently rebuilt with new TRE's-500
set of 4 original toyota shocks-80
early jack set-80
grab handle-50
running boards (a little rough) 2-80

will post more soon.
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Nov 28, 2006
Charleston, SC
4 oem late model disc brake wheels. 1 oem early drum wheel. if whole lot is bought i know where to get the other 4 drum brake wheels and will throw those in to the package.
Nov 28, 2006
Charleston, SC
set of 4 original factory shocks. i think i read somewhere these are rebuildable but not sure. pics of front and the hood ornament again.

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