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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
Well I have been going through this over and over trying to find a way to make this work. Not as easy as you think. But I have come up with a solution for you to get any part you want at a very good rate and save some on shipping and handling.

I searched high and wide for a vendor who would be willing to provide us with the quantity of parts we needed and the discount that would work.

Specter Off-Road has stepped up to the plate with a solution that should work for us. As most of you know they are having a 20% off sale going on right now. Considering their axle rebuild prices were good to begin with and even better with 20% off. I felt it was a good opportunity for the club.

Here is what we will be doing.

You have until Wed next week to figure out what you want and pay. You will be paying through the clubs paypal account ( UC@828rugs.com ).

In order to know how much to pay here is what I suggest. Go on their website and order what you want and then take an additional 10% off that price. Do not include shipping or handling. Just 10% off the parts you are ordering. We can work on paying the shipping and handling charges later once I get the bill. But don't place the order online. Just print the order out or copy the page and send it to me via e-mail ( marshall@828rugs.com ). Also at this time paypal the amount to the clubs account ( UC@828rugs.com ).

Once I get those two things from you I will add you to my order list. Please include some contact info so I can call you if there is a problem. If it is just a few items you can just add it in the information line or subject line that paypal provides.

Why only 10%? Well SOR's sale for non SOR members is 10% currently. I have signed up for the CLUB SOR account which gets me an additional 10%. But you cannot see that.

You will have one way of getting the parts. Come to an event. Either monthly meeting, the HAMON, or another event. There should be plenty of chances for you to get your parts. I as well as a lot of other members drive all over the place.

The main idea behind doing this group buy was to get you a good economical way of getting your parts for the Club sHAMONwhich next month. But it also is a way for you to get parts from Specter at a good price.

Specter has also stepped up to the plate and donated a bunch of gift cards to the club for those coming to the event. Would be another way of you getting an even better discount.

So you have until Wed to get me an order and pay the club some money.

Call me if you have any questions.

Order Up!!

The tatormobile got its order in and $ pal'd. :hmm: Even ordered a T-shirt. Nothing but high class for me!!..:grinpimp:

Looking forward to this one.:bounce:

Thanks for all of the work (both above and beyond) getting this thing pulled off!


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