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May 6, 2019
Joshua Tree
So I was replacing the tranny fluid and filter on my new ‘95 yesterday when I found that the drain plug bolt was overtightened and stripped last time it was replaced. I’m on the hunt for a new transmission pan and it seems it’s been discontinued by Toyota. I hit the local salvage yard and struck out there as well. Does anyone know of any resources where I can find a tranny pan that will fit?
You could try to fix the pan, here's a link from a previous discussion, same topic:

If you have never welded before I would not make this my first experience. The bung metal is thicker then the pan material so a person would have to get penetration in the pan material without burning through. For your information the pan material is about .066 inches thick, not the best thickness for stick. In addition a person would have to be careful welding as to not warp the pan and make it harder for the flange bolt to seal. It can be done, but........
Another option is to take the pan off and drill out the bung. Buy a nut certs – nutserts – rivnut – rivet nut from NAPA or many other sources, put some RIPG (goop) on the nutcert, and squeeze it in. They make them with serrated edges so this will keep them from turning again. Ideal for this application. They also make them with or without flanges on them. You do need the proper drill size for the nut cert and the material thickness (.066). If you do not have an install tool many auto parts will rent or lend you one. You can also just make one from a bolt. The nut certs come in many different threads. If you wish to stick with the stock thread it is M10 X 1.50. I would get a longer flange bolt than the stock one; say 16mm or 20mm to make sure it would catch the threads of the nut cert. Lastly, some goop or a copper washer could be used on the new pan bolt if worried about a seal.
Another way to repair this is to weld a nut on the outside of the pan. The outside is more accessible to weld around the nut. The various goop or copper washer ideas could then be used to insure a good seal. I would remove the pan to do this as it is not helpful to melt the mesh trans filter.
I don’t know your level of skills, so maybe none of the above will be helpful.

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I had a stripped bolt on my transmission pan on an older 4Runner. I believe I just found the very next size bolt I could find (it may have been a standard size). Then looked up the drill size and tapped it. It worked great for many years and was dry as a bone when I sold it. I believe the original crush washer fit in the oversized bolt as well.

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