Transfer Case Knob Confusion

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May 27, 2012
Temecula, California
I have a 3spd '72 FJ40 and I need a new knob for my transfer case shifter.

I'm looking at the knobs that CCOT has and am confused on their descriptions and am hoping that someone here can set me straight (CCOT is closed at the time I'm writing this, so I'm unable to talk to them right now)..

The attached pictures from left to right are:
Pic #1. My transfer case
Pic #2. CCOT's '73+ Transfer case shift knob
Pic #3. CCOT's E'72 Transfer case shift knob

Notice that the diagram in pic #2 better matches my transfer case - i.e. It's an "L" shape. Whereas pic #3 is a straight-vertical line.

My question is which knob is the correct knob for my transfer case?
You need #2
The left knob is for a 3 speed tranfercase. The right is for a 2 speed transfercase early model. You have a 1972 3 speed tranny right? If not swapped to a later 3 spd t-case then the knob on the right should be correct. But other may input.
the knob shown in pic #2 was in my '72 when I got it
Thanks for all the replies.. I'm going with Pic #2 as all have suggested.

Does anyone know if the '72 FJ40 originally came with a 2 speed transfer case? I ask because it's odd to me that none of the vendors that sell the 3 speed transfer case knob (pic #2) list it as a '72 FJ40.
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i believe that would be a 2speed case and a 1 speed case,the low range would be in the tranny like my weapons carrier.2 and 4wd would be in the t case on really old cruisers .check the fj 25 section for that info .
I'm pretty sure to be period correct neither you posted are correct. I think 73 was the first year of that style. The early one had no marking and was a much wider knob. The knob pictured on the left was for a transfer case that still had vacuum shift for 4WD. While here in the US it wasn't offered as a option (floor shift high low range with dash mounted knob for a vacuum shift) it was offered in other places. I have last sixties early seventies that show this setup. It was also used in some markets very late in the 4X series. The one on the right was used 73 thru 80, then it changed with the split transfer case. That knob is bigger but not the same as the 60 series.
Are they all the same thread? Curiously today I was looking at my 1970 Non-USA rig for the vacuum shift diaphragm and couldn't find one. So I did some research and found that I do indeed have the manual "nose cone" for shifting the front wheels into gear. But I am missing the shift knob, perhaps still at the mechanics shop on his workbench, but if not I'm looking at $40 for a new one and as mentioned, there are several available so I'm curious as to whether the threads are the same. The vendor replied that there was nothing written on the package and so he couldn't answer the question. Presumably he either doesn't want to open the package or doesn't have a caliper and thread pitch gauge on hand.
Pretty sure the threads are M-8X1.25. I've got a leftover knob from a 77, but it doesn't have any top on it
CCOT checked to make sure before shipping, I am getting the one on the right with the shift pattern embossed as it is an 8mm thread whereas the other one noted on their website without the shift pattern was a 10mm thread. The shift knob on my 3 spd is a 10mm.

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