Transfer case gear selector has fallen into transfer case.

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Sep 7, 2013
Hi all,

I got my new 60 series 5 speed gearbox, and I had to remove the gear selector arm to get it out from the 60 series.

now heres the problem, the rod that runs down into the transfercase has fallen down into the case and I cant seem to get it out?

any ideas?
magnets are you friend especially when you get older
Thanks guys, I ordered them just then!

so the selector shaft isnt held in place by anything besides the selector arm?
Are talking about the low range shifter? Just pop the top cover off.
Are talking about the low range shifter? Just pop the top cover off.

it's a split case, no top to take off like a 1 piece case.

I was wondering if you could remove the PTO side cover and use a prybar and push it back up. If the magnet fails.
if nothing else works stick a welding rod to it and pull it up .you need a welder though to do this
Hi All
Have you installed the gear box?
If not can you turn it upside down.
A thing called gravity may help.

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That was actually my first thought, I moved her upside down and gave her a shake, no movement in the actuator.
Hi all
O dear with the gravity being no help.
Might be a case of some spanners and a bit of surgery .
Also a Toyota manual may come in handy.
I have pulled apart a few of these boxes over the years and if you follow the instructions there is not much that is to scary.
Good luck and Cheers

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