Trans grinding when put in reverse gear.

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Apr 25, 2007
Yesterday my trans was hard to put in reverse and was making a noise.

Has anyone experienced this?
I was wondering where to start troubleshooting first.
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Any ideas on what this means?

Your rig is getting old? Do not panic, lots of trannys do that. Work the clutch a few times, run it through the other gears, slip it into reverse. Sometimes a tranny will decide it likes to go into 1st before it goes into reverse, sometimes it decides it likes 4th gear before reverse. Find out what it likes and do that that from now on.
Push in clutch pedal
Put trans in second gear to stop gear set from turning
Put in reverse
Release clutch


Will try out your special technique right now.
It can also be a first warning that your clutch hydraulics aren't working as well as they should, or that
your clutch is starting to go. Or that the pilot bearing's starting to seize...

If you're in neutral with the clutch out, stab the clutch and try to grab reverse, it should grind.

If you're in neutral, push the clutch in, count to 10 and the trans STILL grinds, something else is going on.


Clutch was replaced a few months ago along with pilot bearing, slave cylinder and master cylinder. Its worked fine since.
Mine does the same thing, in fact every manual tranny vehicle I ever owned made a grinding noise when going into reverse at least SOME of the time. Doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong with it that it needs replaced IMO.
Worst case scenario, your clutch is starting to go bad. But the noise doesn't necessarily mean its that just yet.

Most manual transmissions make noise when youre trying to put in reverse and the vehicle is moving forward, even if its barely noticeable.

Also, it is always easier for reverse if you put in second gear immediately before reverse. Just put in second gear and select reverse (without releasing the clutch) and the gear will go in without any fuss...

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