Trailer lug question.

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Dec 20, 2006
I have built a 5x7 trailer for camping/utility duty. The axle hub pattern is 6x5.5 and came with conical lug nuts but no wheels. I have a pair of aluminum hub-centric wheels from a t100 I want to use which take shank style lug nuts.

If I change the trailer's studs would the shank lugs center the wheel properly? or will I have to do something else to safely use these wheels? Any better suggestions?

I'd rather not use spacers or adapters if possible.

Thank you all.
Thank you. I was hoping to avoid spacers. The axle is the perfect width now for the wheels I have to sit right inside the edge of the fender lip. I may just have to narrow it a little.
If you don't plan to swap wheels back and forth with a hub centric vehicle then counter-sink the wheels and use conic lug nuts. Don't over think things.

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