For Sale Trail ready, Tan 1983 FJ60 in NC $5700

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United States

She is a 1983 with a little less than 200K miles on the 2f motor. She is my current daily driver and runs beautifully. I am moving in a few months and she now needs a new home.

Runs drives great
Trollhole carb
New exhaust
Original paint
Clean interior (pics coming soon)
Re-upholstered seats
Mojave lift
Aluminum Mojave rims with 35 inch KM2 Mud Terrains 75% tread
Axles from a 1985 re-geared 4.56, rear lock rite, front Auburn LSD
Rust free frame
Rear fenders are intact and 99% rust free.
All four mud flaps intact
Luggage rack with hi-lift mount and tool carrier
U-bolt flip kit
Marlin Hi-steer
New clutch

AC not hooked up; all the plumbing is but the compressor needs to be installed (included).
Body has minimal rust at the top of the firewall, under battery.
Driver and passenger doors have some rust along the edges.
The clutch works fine but may need to be replaced soon.
Dented passenger front fender (I have a complete replacement included)
Stereo included but not installed.

She is the perfect base to make an expedition truck out of. The minor rust issues are completely recoverable with a little garage work. If she was perfect I'd be asking a lot more than I am. Here on the east coast it is rare to find a 30 year old truck this intact.

Asking $5700 obo
PM me for additional pics.
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Pics. More to come

Sandy Sell 005.jpg

Sandy Sell 008.jpg

Sandy Sell 022.jpg
badass truck. Exactly how i want to set mine up. Good luck!
i'll give you half that....

:hmm:....... Nope. Wish I could be that generous though. Tell you what, if I win the lottery before I sell it you have a deal. :D
Would you trade?

Though I'd prefer cash, I'll entertain some possibilities. PM me what you have to offer. And it better be good :)

Don't be afraid to throw me some offers, who knows what I might say yes to.
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I'd really like to keep the rack with the truck. Sorry. If anything I would sell the truck (for a little less) without the rack and put it on my other wagon.
Some interior pics. Also shown is the frame condition behind the driver side rear tire at the exhaust area. Typically I've found this area to be the worst pertaining to rust damage.

Sandy Sell 2 018.jpg

Sandy Sell 2 019.jpg

Sandy Sell 2 020.jpg

Sandy Sell 2 026.jpg

Sandy Sell 2 041.jpg
I wish i could buy this truck.
Wish you could too Rafael. I'm open to any cash offers. Also she is getting a new clutch and rear main seal before the sale. I also updated the first post with a couple upgrades that I forgot to mention.
Truck is sold

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