Tracking down a noise on my 1HD-T / HDJ-80 (1 Viewer)

Sep 15, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
Ok folks, I’m getting a sound like a bad bearing somewhere. I’ve pulled all drive belts, and it continued. So I thought it might be the timing belt tensioner. Doesn’t get louder with the cover off. Could it be in the injection pump? Has anyone heard this annoying sound before?

I posted a short video of it on YouTube. This is with the drive belts removed, timing belt cover off.
Noise coming from the 1HD-T in my HDJ81 Land Cruiser -

help/advice appreciated
Apr 20, 2002
Just want you to know I have watched the video 3 times. I am concerned about the noise and first and foremost I hope it is not the timing belt idler. That you can troubleshoot by removing the tension spring and turning. The video also ends as you approach the vacuum pump and I cannot tell if that is culprit. Test the idler and make sure it is not that first.

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