Tool request

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that one i do not have! :)
got a diesel powered one
Kelley do you have a backhoe attachment? I'm digging around the foundation do do some waterproofing
Nope, don't have a backhoe. For that I would rent a mini excavator. REALLY cheap compared to back problems.
thats the plan now. was going to breakup the ground and then shovel it, but why not rent a fun tool instead.
I rent from Coleman out in bonner springs, they have great units, basically new. It is a longer drive for you, but really nice stuff.

Have utilities marked, watch for water line and you would be best not to hit the sewer line!

Good luck.....

Let me know if you nee the post hole digger for the fence.
probably would not even recognize your place! have been busy!...and no i do not have either of the requested equipment...the rental suggestions are spot on!


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