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May 21, 2019
I have a 1980 FJ40 and in order to pass safety inspection in Hawaii, the tire treads cannot stick out past the frame of the vehicle, unless i have tire flares. I do not want to drill into my FJ40 to install tire flares. Does anyone have any ideas on what to use as temporary tire flares, so i can just pass my vehicle safety inspection?
Rolled plastic garden edging, double sided tape.

rolled plastic garden edging.jpg
I too like the rolled plastic garden edging, provided you can make it look like a real flare in a convincing way. Else wise, they could call your bluff - depending upon how intelligent or unintelligent the inspector actually is. Instead of double sided tape, I'd consider using a rolled strip of magnet, with a tape adhesive on one of its sides (which would adhere to the plastic garden edging).

A little bit more convincing, and would easily last you multiple years of such inspection (and then you could resell it), would be to acquire a used pair of actual rear flares - and use the one side adhesive magnet strip on that (permitting the adhesive portion of the magnet strip to bond the actual flare); and the then, the now magnet flare would connect itself onto the side of your wheel well. That'd surely sway even the smartest of inspectors.
Aloha and welcome to MUD.

How wide are your tires? I have a '79 with 31x10.5 tires, they stick out a bit but I've never had trouble passing inspection.

If you're on Oahu I regularly get safety inspections done at Melim Service. Usually reasonable for passing safety. Odd location, they're in downtown Honolulu in a parking garage.

(in Palolo)
Mahalo All for your responses.

Polo- I have 33x12.5. The thread sticks out 3", and I already failed the safety inspection. I did not go to Melim Service, and I will definitely go to them after I attempt to jerry-rig some kind of fender.

Elroberds, Skydog- I am trying the plastic edging. I will try the sticky magnet and U-clamp for a double seal. I am also Craiglist'g for actual used fenders.

I'm hitting it from all angles. if there's more ideas, please shoot them my way.
I'll keep you all updated.

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