tire balance / trailering issues

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Apr 23, 2012
Have an issue I can't quite figure out. I installed new 268/75 cooper discovery tires a while back and they are fine on the road. The problem is when I hook up my utility trailer. Even when it's lightly loaded the whole rig shakes like it's get a tire way out of balance. Had the tires re-balanced and the shop said they were fine. When I tow the same trailer behind my heep it's just fine, no shaking.

Any ideas what would cause this?
Total weight probably around 1500-1800#. Tongue weight not more than 250 or so
Is the trailer wiggling behind the cruiser or tracking properly? How about the tow hitch/bar? Is it mounted properly/tight?
Do you have a speed it shakes? Does it change if you decelerate? If it goes away when you accelerate, check the front driveshaft for slack in one of the joints.

The balance of the weight in the trailer, ahead of vs behind the axle, is crucial. Whatever the weight in the trailer, if more than half is behind the axle, then you could potentially have problems like you describe. The usual split is 60/40, which helps give you about the right tongue weight to track properly.

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