Tan Paint Colour Codes

Sep 9, 2019
New Zealand
Hey there,

New owner of a 1990 PZJ77 and looking to respray from a currently very sun damaged original blue-grey, to a tan colour. Looking for one that is ideally an original Toyota LC colour and not too light.

I know there's another thread on here about this and someone was kind enough to post some actual swatch sheets, but I find it pretty hard to tell how a teeny square of colour on a bit of card might paint - so really keen to see any photos of tan Cruisers with the paint name and code, if anyone has any?

On another note, looking to source some good canvas seat covers. Quite liked the Black Duck brand ones, but sadly the PZ is the only model they don't do a pattern for. Anyone else in NZ or AU found any good plain (ie not giant logos) dark seat covers for driver and passenger? Or - does anyone know if another model might have some front seats as mine?

Thanks so much in advance!
May 20, 2007
Riyadh and Gulf Shores
They are all over the place here and they all look exactly the same to me, brand new or 25 years old. Here’s another shot in the naked light of day. Doesn’t really scream yellow in any way to me.

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