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Sep 5, 2007
lenexa, ks
So, my mind is racing with projects, and I keep needing to powdercoat things larger than my oven, so my current thought is to build an oven.

So, I am looking for ideas. I plan on making one about 3 x 3 x 7 interior space. Big enough for a bumper.

The plans I see you make it from steel studs, wrapped with galvanized steel from a hvac supply house.

I was thinking to take a old broken down stainless steel frigerator, strip the foam out and use the shell. I have also seen people turn job boxes into ovens, but that would not be tall enough. I could section it though.

Anybody have other ideas. Maybe a big tall steel cabinet?

Also, anyone have connections for the insulation, used steel? I have a client down by the habitate ReStore, so I might brainstorm down there.

Jun 30, 2005
Mayview, MO
You will need to use rockwool insulation for the oven. I can get it through one of my suppliers. I can get batts or loose blown. Let me know it I can help. Eric

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