Superwinch EPi9.0S

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I recently purchased the EP9.0 for my 80 and unexpectedly used it a lot at CM this year. I don't know about the installation on the 62 but if you have an ARB on your 80 the integrated winches won't fit properly. I too nearly pulled the trigger on the same unit you mention only to find out that it wouldn't fit. I ended up with the EP9.0 and after some minor issues during the expedited install I have been very happy with it.

Once it was in and functioning I installed Viking synthetic rope and an aluminum fairlead.

Although Rokmen publishes great prices I was never able to get him to return calls or emails. I ended up working a deal with Truck Add-ons based off published prices and unavailability at Winch Depot. I don't recall the actual price but suffice to say they beat the hell out of Winch Depot by a significant margin and included shipping due to their meet or beat policy. It's worth a call.
I searched and i didn't find anything on mud about this winch but it seems like a good deal with syn line already.

Any bad things about Superwinch? For $750 with a alum hause and line and snatch block seems like a good deal.


EPi9.0S 9,000 lbs - Superwinch

Rokmen - Superwinch EPI9.0S

The EP/EPi series winches are by far the best bang for the buck winches out there :clap:

Unlike the others, they have an external brake that won't melt synthetic line :cool:

The pop-n-spin clutch handle won't sieze up (or break) over time like the usual lever handles and their submersible Albright noid pack is the best in the business :)

Like IBCRUSN said, the EPi won't fit the 80 unless you have winchmount bumper :eek:

The EP is virtually identical (minus the top bridge) and fit behind the stock bumper on my 80 just fine :)


I plan on buying another for the rear soon :cool:

You could get a standard EP and outfit it with synthetic line and hawse for about the same price as an EPi9.0S


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