Straight Line Air Sander ???

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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
Planning on starting to do the body work on the 55 and have heard one of these really make the job a lot easier. So I don't need a really good one on only one for the once in a year job. Anything out there that is economical that works for you. Any reccomendations on types and brand of sand paper and a cheap place to get it.

I was thinking of this.
Looks like an OK air file, but I wonder if you can get it with a rubber bottom to use with the self stick sand paper...not 100% necessary but if your buying new why not.
Looks like a good sander, just don't get the Harbor Freight one, literally didn't last 5 minutes before it broke.

The self stick is pretty neat, I use it on my circular air sander, but sometimes it doesn't stick well and flies off. But a little bit of that aerosol duct board adhesive keeps it on there.

I normally get my sand paper at O'Reilly, I think they carry some of those Evercoat products also.
Not cheap by any means, but I've had my Hutchins Hustler for many, many years. Best in the world.

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