Storage bins

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Aug 15, 2011
Houston, Texas
What are you guys using for storage bins in your open air trailers?
I would say something that seals out the weather. Pelican/Storm cases come to mind but mucho dinero!
Action Packers would be my second choice with a silicone bead applied to the top to form a seal and keep out water and to a lesser extent dust.
Alternatively, pick any lockable top container and keep all items within in zip lock or dry bags.
Guess available funds would dictate what you use.
Currently, Rubbermaids with a tarp. Design of cover keeps water out but also holds water. The sides also slant in and the handles stick out so you lose a lot of space.

For the price of pelican bins you can buy/make a cover. They are also heavy walled so you lose the space as well.

Was looking at some army surplus aluminum cases for $20 but shipping was another $24 so dropped the idea for now.

I am currently looking at building a road box like bands us that would be custom fit for the inside of my trailer. There a guy in Ca that sells all the extruded aluminum and parts. Also has a good website.

Interested to see what others use.
Not an open trailer use but I do throw these on my roof rack for camping and hunting trips. $29 at Walmart.
I use action packers but put a stick on foam weather seal on the lid. The kind you use for replacement door/window seals. They are good and inexpensive but they don't like to be used as seats.

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