Stereo advice/ selection.. Advice please..

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Oct 12, 2010
Wild Coast, South Africa
I am busy planning my stereo install on my 80 and so far have only purchased the headunit and am now battling a bit with what else to get..:hmm:

My plan is to build a sub enclosure to fit in the rear quarter panel as some other fellow Mudders have done and fit a 10 inch sub..

My main query is are speakers in the rear doors really necessary? In my 60 I have a small 8 inch sub in the rear and a pair of Alpine SPR17c's in the front doors all running off a 4 channel amp and I think it sounds ok so I am thinking of doing something similar to this truck now too.. I don't have a lot of know-how on stereo's and staging etc but I have been reading through many of the installs on Mud to try and get up to speed a bit more.. so any advice would be welcome..

Also how much difference would it make to have component speakers in place of co-axials in the front doors? At the moment I'm pretty much thinking of installing a set of 100w RMS speakers in the front (possibly Alpine SPR60C's) , a 10 inch sub in the back (not sure which one yet)and using a 4 channel amp (maybe Alpine PDX4.100?) that pushes out 100w per channel to power the lot (bridging two channels for the sub). Am I on the right track here? I'm not looking for window shattering bass or volume but would like it to sound nice and tight and clean.. I would really like to try and get away with using only one amp for this install so hopefully someone can let me know if my thinking is correct.. as I said my stereo know-how isn't the best..

Any advice would be much appreciated..

I don't think rear door speakers are necessary. I think it sounds better to the passenger and driver when the rear speakers are off. Mine are off most of the time, except when passengers are seated in the rear.

I think the front door speakers don't sound well in regards to the dash design and seating position. I've put my tweeters in the A pillar. Sounds much better, but a better off axis tweeter would sound better. But we're limited to a ~1" tweeter in that location unless you want to fab up a tweeter mount (I wanted it to look clean and factory).

I've got 6.5" in the front and 5.25 in the rear with a 8" JL sub. Sounds pretty good for the limitations we have.

Sounds like you are on the right track.
I think the intended setup you mentioned will work well.
I'm no audiophile, but I've used a set of good 6.5s and a 10 or 12" sub in sealed box in a number of vehicles, with good success.
Good luck and post up with any issues, I'm sure you will have plenty of help.

Sounds like you have a pretty good plan. 100W rms door speakers is a pretty serious component set. I have two pair of 6.5" polk audio for both front and rear doors, course since my wife sold her jeep I also have a 6.5" component set that I trade into the front doors. 91 had cloth A-pillars so I would have to mount the tweeters in the doors somewhere.

There are a couple of threads on here about powered subs mounted in the rear stock location. Mobile search is a pain or I would try to find and link it.
Thanks for the feedback guys.. I'm still shopping around a bit for the components - looking seriously at some Focals now, a 3 channel JL amp and sub.. should work out pretty well..

This little guy looks like he might pack a punch and save some space too CP108LG-W3v3 - Car Audio - Subwoofer Systems - FlatWedge? - JL Audio might even fit behind the rear quarter panel? Have to measure that up..

Of course I'll post some pics when I'm done..
I think you'll find the the length of the JL box will not fit in the space so making a box might be your best bet. Coming from someone who has gone a bit over board with speakers you may want to consider CDT Audio speakers. A fellow mudder built some great speaker pods and recommend them.. So after a bit of research in the audio forums I followed his lead and without a doubt the sound quality of these speakers is fantastic and priced right... Search under speaker Pods for idea's for door pods and I documented my install in my build thread


Infinity 4.2 in the Rear ceiling


Alpine 10 inch Shallow Sub


CDT 6.5


CDT Front Stage Tweeters


CDT Center Stage


Alpine 5 channel runs everything except the 4.2 in the ceiling and the 4.2's in the dash are running off the head unit

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Thanks Luke.. I have been following your thread and your attention to detail is incredible.. I'm going to try and make an enclosure similar to yours for the sub in the rear and will do some reading on the door pods as you suggested.. I might just go the sound deadening route and try and seal the doors as best I can..

My Cruiser is getting some work done so it isn't around - for now I'm just picking up a few items for my install..
Just been reading through your door pod build again Luke and they really do look the business - I might take a stab at a set of those too..

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