Split case behind SM465

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I know u can get an adapter from AA.
A buddy of mine who work at AA is always trying to get me to run a split case with their 4:1 gears after my SM465. The only thing the adapter is a little long, still a great option though.
Well after investigation it doesn't really seem worth it now. I might as well get an orion. By the time I get the tcase and put gears in it-I am way over what an orion would cost. Only way it would be worth it is if the adapter I have currently would work-but it won't. Just the gears alone are crazy expensive-2k for gears, thats pretty steep.:confused:
That's what I want to do also .
Get an Orion for behind my 465
The adapter is already paid for. Then no messing around with the E brake either
The orion is only 1600 bucks. Thats a fair amount of price difference and less work if you include adapter and gears for the split case.

and driveshafts and an e.brake solution and shifters and possible skidplate changes and...

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