Southern Cruiser Crawl in October

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Jun 23, 2006
Charlotte North Carolina
I have been wanting to venture out a little bit and this event looks like a fun one at a pretty nice location. dates are Oct 8-11th I believe.

has anyone been to this event before and is anyone else considering attending? After all is said and done its about as far to get there as it is for me to drive to the OBX
We've been meaning to do this event the past couple years but schedule conflicts kept us from attending.

:frown:Found a different weekend posted over on the Cottonland Cruisers forum though - Oct 15-18, 2009
I was thinking about going to this event also.. how far do you think the compute is..
We will be going. It should be about 10 hours from Atlanta. I am heading to the event (Razorback Ramble) at Superlift Park the first weekend of June so I can check on actual time and distance then.
Rick you might be right on the dates. I couldve screwed that up. I am pretty sure I am going to make it. I'd bet the commute is somewhere around the same for me from Charlotte as Michaels from Atlanta. My sis just drove to St Louis and I think it was a little over 11 for her.
Over on the STLCA, BODEAN posted Oct 8-11th. I PM'd him to double check. I will post when he confirms. It would be great to have some east coasters on that trip. I hear the park is pretty sweet.
10hrs from Atlanta is Arkansas or Louisianna! So I guess it's at Superlift?! From what I hear, you need to bring a second set of tires unless you've got a atlas or inchworm ;p Any tire spin results in this...

Found these pics from another thread:

a 2nd set of tires huh? Awesome. Thats def not in the budget. Looks like I better start saving now for some stuff. BODEAN said brakes are key as well as there are some pretty steep hill climbs.

Sounds like they got a little of it all out there.

Just figured I could start the conversation early so we could all conteplate the adventure
I am in if I can.
IF we make it, I'd rent a lil Uhaul utility trailer, so I got something to haul my LTBs. But it's really unlikely that we'd be able to go that far this year. We already did our trip to TX and used most our vacation time for '09. I just figured the SCC would be at Gray Rock again - never been there either.

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