Source for 4.3:1 gearset??

Dec 17, 2007
Across the pond, and upside down
Hi y'all

I'm looking for a set of 4.3:1 diff gears to sit FZJ80 rear diff.
So far no dice.

Anyone know of a source for quality gearsets in this ratio?

I have an OEM e-locked front diff centre that I had built with 4.3:1 gears and solid surface for a 105 series that I'd like to use in my 80, I also have an OEM e-locked rear diff centre that needs a rebuild and re-gear.
A little lower gearing would be nice, but I'd prefer to buy one gearset than two.
Jan 6, 2012
Some 100 series and 200 series were 4.3 from the factory. You would have to use the whole carrier though I believe from one of those and swap out the side gears.
Jun 6, 2016
Magna, UT
Hit up @cruiseroutfit and see if there are any options--but to my knowledge, the 100 series is when the 4.30's came in a 9.5" diff....which will use a different carrier than your 80 series E-locker.

4.30 take-out gears are easy to come by for 100's, if there is some way to make them work....I have a set on my shelf right now, as a matter of fact. :)

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