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ok, so having had the merits of the diesel 3B engine explained to me - I got to thinking:

(did a quick search but couldn't find anything - apologies in advance if this noobie is still not quite to grips with best use of the search feature!)

If I were to keep that engine in my '72 FJ40, how would I best deaden the clankety-clank-clank-CLANK noise of that diesel clanker?

(you might be able to detect that I don't like noisey diesel engines...)

Anyone looked into sound-proofing the engine bay?

Cheers y'all!

I have dynamatted almost every CAR I've ever owned. Dynamatting a 40 won't work. You could try dynamatting the interior side of the firewall but you wouldn't be happy with the results. There's just too much stuff creaking, rattling and vibrating in a 40. I would rather WANT to hear everything thats happening in my 40's engine bay in case something happens.
If you think the sound of a 3B is anything but sweet music you are not worthy to own one :)
I've used a marine product in the past which worked very well - (sandwiched foil, foam, hard sound absorbing stuff then more foam) - big noise improvement and cut down on heat is cab as well. But I wouldnt want to use it where it got muddy because of water trapping issues...
$1.00 per pack of 100 at a local freight damaged merchandise store:

hehe - ok, ok - I get it... TOUGHEN UP MILLER!

Well, picked up the wakka (Maori for War Boat - which is basically what this beastie is!) and oh my, did the dramas not start right away?!

so the guy who shipped the wagon to me left the diesel tank... EMPTY!

Konked out about 5 minutes after leaving the freight-yard - right on the on-ramp onto the motorway!

Police stopped and gave me a nudge to the nearest bit of hard-shoulder - about 1 km down the road.
10 litres of diesel later we were all good.
Fortunately I didn't need to bleed the lines!

BUT... Mr Up-Until-Now-Oh-So-Helpful-Policeman noticed that she was rather noisy and upon closer inspection noticed that the exhaust had sheered clean off the manifold and said that I couldn't drive it in that state.

So... a phonecall to the AA and an hour later she's on the back of a tow-truck.

Things I have learned today:

1 - 1972 FJ40's don't have Hazard Lights!
2 - Always, no - ALWAYS check the fuel tank before driving away...
3 - No ammount of preparation could have given me any idea as to how noisy this beastie was going to be! (all-be-it with no exhaust)
4 - OH MY GOD ! - Power Steering has now become the #1 priority!!!
5 - This wagon came with a heap of extras - i.e. the crap that's lying in the back that the previous owner couldn't be bothered removing! ???
6 - She's quite high enough off the ground without needing any body lift for now!
7 - the hardware store opens tomorrow at 9am and I'll be straight down for a set of industrial ear-muffs!
8 - having sat in the wagon for a grand total of 1/2 hour my list of 'modifications' has already started to grow! Simple things that I previously took for granted - like HAZARD LIGHTS! ;o)

But it's ok, we've sat down and had a chat over a Crazy Mexican and have put this down to a minor stumbling block but nothing major - all in all we're going to be fine. Ahhh, the start of a long and loving relationship... ;o)
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Hang in there David.

:hmm: Nah. Second thoughts - :D Put the Lexus V8 in. I don't think you're man enough to own a smelly noiser oiler. And just perhaps......... - I could maybe even venture up to "the big smoke" and take that 3B off your hands after all. (And I might forgo charging you for the favour........... We'll see.)

Sound proofing? HAHAHAHA!!!! WTF man are you on crack? I may be piss drunk right now, but damn if I'll ever, and I mean EVER! get a 40 series to be quiet! You know what a Buick is, right? Get one of those if you like quiet, otherwise buy a Lexus :D

Cheers, good luck, let us know how it goes!!

I remember my first drive in my 40. I too thought I had made a mistake. I am used to a brand new car every two years, so I had a brief period of adjustment getting used to the manual steering and the noises and smells and the foot burning heat from the floorboards. Driving a Land Cruiser is an all 5 senses experience that you will surely grow to love. Give it time.
G'day Choco,
Right.. ignore these ignorant people. As a 3B owner, there's nothing wrong with trying to make it a little civilised. It enhances the driving pleasure.
That being said. There are plenty of ways to reduce the sound coming into your vehicle. First and foremost is to close any holes in the firewall. This includes old cracked rubber plugs for the wiring loom. the heater etc. Then an engine side mat. You can buy it by the metre from auto carpet suppliers.. it's a multi layer/ bitumen material with a heat reflective layer on the outside. Line your firewall as best as you can down to the footwells. Then do the inside. Use bitumen paint, a layer of dense foam rubber and marine carpet on the floors. On the doors, use a dense thin foam adhered to the surface under the trim. And don't forget the walls. Again the point is to reduce surface vibration and muffle transmitted noise. Use bitumen paint, glue matting to every point you can get to and don't forget under the hoodlining on the roof. You'll add a little weight but you'll be surprised at how much quieter your rig is. Of course, having a decent exhaust with no leaks does help :p. You can trust me on this. Why? Because I have done it to every car I have ever owned. 4 minis, an EH holden, an HX holden ute, a Hilux diesel dual cab, an FJ40, a Subaru Brumby and now am going to do the same thing to my BJ42.
Any questions.. email me at
oh and for the steering I recommend 12 weeks at the gym. It beats spending $1400 just on the power steering box alone and you'll have arms the chickx will dig you for :p H AH AHA HA
oh... and I hear the bonnet transfers a lot of vibrations to the passenger compartment. Also do a layer of soundproofing under the bonnet. Damn.. I'm 3 parts cut and keep forgetting things.. he he he...
Oh. come on.. it's almost midnight on a Saturday night and I've been watching Conan and drinking beer.. cut me some slack :D
Don't waste your money on power steering just yet.

Change all the oil, engine gearbox transfer case, diff's. Oil filter too.

Drop the coolant and replace with new.

Diesel filter if you ran the tank dry would be a good idea too.

Worn swivel hub bearings and shot tie rod ends will make it heavy

So first up new swivel hub kit and wheel bearings all round.

A good start. If your seller was cheap enough not to put a little fuel in then I doubt he maintained his truck well.

Any 40 is a labour of love :D
yeah.. Matt makes a very good point. Check everything is serviced and then see... oh.. and don't try to dry steer. Even if the vehicle is only creeping forward it will make turning so much easier. People with power steering forget this simple rule... but you really shouldn't even dry steer in a power steering vehicle either.. it puts too much strain on the rack, joints and you.

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