SOLD [SoCal] 100 Series Bora 1.25" Spacers - BRAND NEW

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Jun 17, 2020
Lakewood, CA
I have a full set (4) of brand new Bora 1.25" wheel spacers for the 100 series.

I ordered these a couple months back to use with my +60 offset steelies, but since then have upgraded to +25 offset Methods and really don't need these anymore (BORA production was limited due to COVID, and I just received these in the mail today).

Again, they're brand new, so they're still wrapped in the shrinkwrap. If you guys want pics of them unwrapped, just let me know.

$255 shipped or $230 local pickup. I just want to try and break even on these, but if you're local and want to pickup, I can make an exception. I'm located in Long Beach, CA.



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