1. N

    For Sale  Louisiana: 200 Series Bora wheel spacers - 3/4" Hub Centric 5 bolt pattern - new never used

    I have a pair of wheel spacers (two total spacers) for a 200 series Land Cruiser or LX. These are high quality Bora brand hub-centric spacers made to order. These are 3/4" thick, which on OEM Land Cruiser wheels will require a very slight shaving down of the OEM wheel studs. Other wheels may...
  2. mpark525

    SOLD  [SoCal] 100 Series Bora 1.25" Spacers - BRAND NEW

    I have a full set (4) of brand new Bora 1.25" wheel spacers for the 100 series. I ordered these a couple months back to use with my +60 offset steelies, but since then have upgraded to +25 offset Methods and really don't need these anymore (BORA production was limited due to COVID, and I just...
  3. Moki

    For Sale  VA Beach: BORA 1” 80 Wheel Spacers

    4 brand new, packed up, never used BORA (Bulletproof Off Road Adapters) 1” wheel spacers and hardware. MADE IN AMERICA. Specs: 6x5.5 (80 series and prob others) 106mm center bore 1” thick Black If in the market for wheel spacers these are best out there - do some googling. $200 (USPS...
  4. M

    For Sale  100 Series Wheel Spacers BORA Wheel Adapters

    I got these from @chudly and they are just a little too wide for my application (stock height LT265/70r18) - actually they look great, but i'm getting some rub on the back of the front wheel well and i'm not sure i want to cut any of that plastic...I'll get some 1.25" after I sell these...
  5. 9

    Wanted  1.25" Front spacer for 100

    Hi, looking to buy a set of spacers for the front of my LC100. Let me know what you have and price shipped to N. California. Thank you
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