So I Plastidipped My Wheels... (1 Viewer)

Jun 1, 2015
Haven't done much to my 95 LC in a while, aside from some recent maintenance and repairs courtesy of Land Cruiser Specialists here in Austin (absolutely great shop and staff, but man I gotta learn to wrench, because LC work ain't cheap!), however last weekend I decided to Plastidip the wheels.

The originals were scuffed up, had blotches and the plastic center-thingy just looked bad. I took the shortcut route and didn't remove the wheels and just put trash bags behind the rims to protect the brakes, etc. It came out pretty good I think, and I love the flat black versus the silver. Probably the best $25 I've spent.

Thinking about doing the hood to match, as the paint has that weird splotchy water damage or faded look, which I'm sure everyone's familiar with. Just not sure if a black hood would look weird. What do y'all think?



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