Smog Air pump rebuild

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Dec 21, 2008
My smog pump was starting to squeal more and more, so I decided to replace it with a reman.

Got one from NAPA and...don't do that. Pulley would not fit (unless I flipped the pulley around, but this pushed the belt too far), would not fit in the mounting bracket, and the hose fittings off the back are not exactly stock set up.

I am supposed to get one from O'reilley's tomorrow, part number 33-768. I am hoping that one is a better fit.

Meanwhile I decided to open up my squeally Nippendenso. Looks fairly simple. I located replacement bearings using part numbers I found in another smog pumpthread. The vanes look good.

Some questions:

1) Where are the carbon wipers supposed to be?

2) Is there supposed to be an air hole near the center back plate (see pic)?

3) Does this pulley mount press off?

3) Anybody have luck with the O-Reilley's brand pump?

4) Is the 33-768 a Cali spec. or fed spec?

and some pics:
Sounds like they do solid work. I am kind of a DIYer though and this looks pretty simple other than the FSM doesn't touch it, and I can't find tell if the carbon wipers have been toasted in there or? Maybe I will open up the O'Reilleys reman to morrow to compare.
Can't find the carbons anywhere (unless you wanna buy a 1000).... I looked for quite a while and gave up, just sent it out.
I got the original pump rebuilt and have put ~120 miles on it so far. What a difference it makes. I can actually hear the engine running now. So quiet at idle now. Cruising down the freeway, it felt like maybe that dirty smog pump was robbing some energy before. The pump moves some serious air now too. It wants to suck the skin off your hand if you cover that intake hose.

I ended up only replacing the front bearing (btw, mine was a 6204, not a 6203 like in some other smog pump threads). Cleaned the others up, inspected and regreased. I reused my carbon wipers and rigged it to get plenty of more life from the original set by placing a thin piece of aluminum behind the carbon wiper that did not have a spring behind it. This pushed the carbon wipe on the spring side back into its seat some more. I will post pictures later, it is kind of difficult to explain if you have never been in there before. Heck, I couldn't figure out where the carbon wipers were for the longest time. All in all, it is pretty simple though.

It cost me a total of $25. $5 for the bearing and $20 to have the guy at the machine shop pull the pulley mount, and press it back on. btw, we had to apply a ton of heat to that pulley mount before it would pull off that shaft.

I think mine was squelling because the bearings were getting dry with packed carbon dust, from the wipers wearing down. It protected the bearings, but made for a noisy pump. We will see how long this rebuild lasts.

PS don't forget to test your check valves before putting a rebuilt smog pump on there.
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Forgot to mention the O'Reilley's pump was the exact same one form NAPA, except that it sounded like there were rock inside when you tried to turn the pulley mount. That thing would not have lived through the first start up. Needless to say, I returned it.
Hey Pete, good stuff. Look forward to your pics.

Here are some pics.

The first is of a pair of the original carbon brushes removed alongside the steel "spring", which provides pressure from the carbon brush to the vane.

In the last picture, you can see the thin aluminum strip that I slid in behind the "fixed" carbon brush. Nothing fancy, just cut from a piece of aluminum flashing I had in the garage. Probably could have gone with material twice that thick, but I only had a few options as I am working out of a garage at a work duty station, not my house.

Report update: Still going strong with a total of ~350 miles on it. It has made a squealing sound on two separate start ups, but nothing like before the rebuild.

I am carrying a spare gutless "dummy" pump that I pulled of a spare engine, just in case. We will see.
Thanks for the pics. Interested in long term results.

Here's wishing you good luck.

Rebuilding Factory: Your Part, Rebuilt, Fast!

one of our club members got his FJ40 smog pump rebuilt here fast turn-around quality work"highly recommended" as they say on ebay:grinpimp::cheers:
FWIW this guy is now charging $275 but said he would give me a deal at $245. I just talked to him a few minutes ago. Evidently he is getting a lot of business from this thread.
The smog pump is still holding up, not as quiet as when I first rebuilt it. I haven't been putting miles on it lately though.

That is the price I was quoted too. I have a gutted smog pump off an spare engine, that I wanted to rebuild, and was surprised at the jump in price from what I had read on other MUD for this guy.

Somebody needs to just buy a bag of those carbon wipers and sell them on mud. That is the only part that keeps this from being a simple rebuild.
Spike Strip, how much was that 1000 count of carbon wipers?
No idea where to source carbons - that was info from another rebuilder who stopped because of the amt he would have to buy...

I'm surprised by the cost jump from RF ... You should call him back and tell him he's getting a lot of traffic from the MUD posting, but people will probably just get the Cardone at less than half the price if he's up to $275. He's kind of pricing himself out of it because of demand ... Maybe he'll give a MUD discount if he knows you were referred by this site.

Another place is Enterprise Import Service in Canoga Park. They're a repair facility, but they'll have your SP rebuilt if you send it to them. Don't know the cost, now... 818-992-4788

Mark Algazy has good used ones available. 818-953-8230

btw, it's $275 + shipping ?
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Hey, Seth -- That the Big Lots in NoHo ? I'm on my way, now...

Years ago I attempted to rebuild my smog pump. It was a simple job until I ran into the problem of unobtainium carbon shoes. I couldn't source them anywhere. Several of mine were broken and worn, so I gave in and bought a replacement remanufactured A1 Cardone pump from Kragens (O'Reilly's). The replacement pump had the wrong pully, so I had to swap with my original. While doing the swap I decided to open up the new pump just to check out the internals...
Sure enough, the new remanufacted pump had broken, worn and missing carbon shoes just like mine. :mad: I managed to gather enough good shoes from the two pumps to rebuild my old pump and then returned the crappy rebuild to the store.
Yeah, the Cardone rebuilds are just junk... Guess that's why rebuilding factory is now charging $$$ ... He knows he can get it.
wow, this thread brings back nightmares.

first of all, Oreilly's brand pump IS a factory OEM rebuild. it has a sticker on the side of the pump that says something like "break in period for x miles, etc" so the fact that it sounded or felt funny is normal. i had the same experience. squeaked every now and then for about two weeks (daily driver) then all is good now.

i sent my old pump out to cali to "the rebuilding factory". yes the guy is super helpful and very good at what he does. in my case, the vanes and entire guts of the pump were gone so his rebuild price was over $275. if I knew Oreilly's sold reman'd oem's before all this, i would have pulled the trigger much earlier. 6 months later, i am still a happy camper with OR's rebuilt pump.
If anyone can find the carbons I am willing to split the cost to buy 1000 and sell them here on mud. I have 3 pumps apart right now and still not enough pieces to build 1 complete. I need 2 more of the little springs that hold pressure against the veins and 1 of the little carbon pieces that make contact with the vein.
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