Smittybilt recovery gears?

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Apr 13, 2013
Does any use Smittybilt Snatch block, 3/4" D-ring shackles, 3" recovery strap?
I read most of the reviews, they seem a bit mixed up. Some said the 3" 30k# strap would snap on them, some complaint the D-rings would break.
Any personal good/bad experience with these? They are about 40% cheaper than some other brands.
I've got a mix of recovery gear. When I picked up my XRC12, I didn't want to mess around with rigging. Warn has some nice goodies, specifically their snatch blocks, but pricey. I found the exact same item for a very nice price and wrote it up in this thread:

For D-links and other rigging clevises, the local big box farm store had a good selection, along with various straps. When farmers get stuff stuck, they need good heavy rigging. And they hate to pay too much. Some issues with Chinese sourcing have been batted about, but do your due diligence and you can usually find a bargain on this stuff, even if you decide to go one size larger for an extra margin of safety.
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I got their strap for the 80 - mongo

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