Shell Rotella?

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Nov 8, 2020
Tahoe City
Hello, It's about that time to do an oil change on my 1983 FJ60. I've been hearing good things about Shell Rotella T4 10w-30. Considering that this oil has Zinc in it which is good for protect but is bad for your CAT. Should I use it? Would any of you guys recommend this oil? I'd love the help...

Thank you
I've been using Rotella T4 15w-40 for a couple of years and my 2F seems to like it just fine. I always add a bottle of Risolone Zinc supplement with each oil change.

Unfortunately it looks like Rotella T4 is getting really hard to find... something about a factory burning to the ground?
It has been hard to find from what I hear too. But I have a O'reillys that have a bunch of it. I live in colder climates so I'll go with a 10w-30. Thank you for your advice
T4 is slightly easier to find that T6, which is totally impossible to find. I doubt your cat converter is doing much catalytically after all these years, and it will still work thermally to burn up HC, so I would run whatever oil you like.
Don’t overlook the mobil 1 15w50 synthetic.

I ran it for 7,000 over the last year. It’s commonly available and well documented. My 2F didn’t leak any more with it, and my front main seal is dripping but it doesn’t hit the ground. So that’s not really a leak.

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