SOLD Seattle: Icon 2.5 CDCV Coilovers and Rear Shocks - 200 series


May 8, 2018
Bellevue, WA
FOR SALE - $1250
Icon 2.5 CDCV front coilovers and rear shocks for 200 series LC

These have been on my 2013 for the past 5 years and have been rebuilt 3 times, most recently in May of this year. In the most recent service, the front main cylinder/body of both front shocks was replaced, as were the shafts. The rear shafts were replaced about 2 years ago and are still in good condition. One rear shock has a brand new top cap.

The springs currently installed are 700lbs Eibachs - I also have the original Icon springs (650lbs I think) available if you want them.

Bushings and spacers are included; adjustment spanner is included; remote reservoir mounting plates are NOT; rear springs are NOT.

I haven't been able to get the valving dialed in to my liking on my very heavy truck, so I've recently installed a set of Dobinsons MRAs, which allow way more adjustment on the rig. These would probably be much happier on a truck that's closer to stock, and at this price you can have them re-valved to your liking and still come out ahead.

I'm in Bellevue, WA and would prefer to deal locally; shipping would be expensive.

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