Seat belt cleaning

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Apr 6, 2013
San Antonio, TX
So my '91's seat belts were crusted with so much funk that they were stiff. I think there was a Coke spilling festival held in the truck at some point. I've been planning on rewebbing them, but decided to try to clean them first.

So, I looked on YouTube and watched a video on how to do them. Anyway, I used a combination of SimpleGreen, hot water, stiff brush and towels to do the job.

I'm pleased to say that they came out really good and clean. When I first hit them with the SimpleGreen, it was like a mud slide. Nasty stuff.

Anyway, here are a some before and after pics. Took me a out 30mins to do the front two belts.

Btw, I will be replacing them soon as they are both fraying, but at least they're clean til then


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do they furl back faster now than before the cleaning ?
What seat covers are those?
What seat covers are those?

They are CoverKing seat covers. I got them through Costco's portal to CoverKing and got $100 discount. They run that special periodically. They fit really well unless your middle seats don't have armrest (like mine). They don't make a middle seat cover that doesn't have openings for armrest, so instead there are zippered covers for the armrest holes that just don't fit very well.

do they furl back faster now than before the cleaning ?

Yes, they do furl back quicker since they aren't as stiff. NIce bonus. Also, they rig seems to smell better. I guess I didn't realize how much funk was in those belts.
Simple green, Hot water, and brush ... GOt it!

Thanks, Man!

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