Sag Box mounting problem

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May 9, 2003
Ok...I am trying to finish my Saginaw install and am running into a problem mounting the box.

I have the scab plate (from Orange) welded into place, but the bottom of the box seems to be hitting the bolt sticking out of the top of my DS side shackle.

Anyone seen this before?

Any suggestions?


Ok...I didn't post a pic, because it is very difficult to explain what I am talking about.

Anyway, Here is a pic of the plate...I have circled the bolt that the tail end of the box is hitting.

The problem is that because the tail end is haning up on this bolt, I can't put the box at the correct angle to get the holes to line up with the plate...they are 1/8th or so off. At best, I can get two bolts in, and when I do that the other two are way off...if I could just drop the box to where this bolt is then I am pretty sure that the box would fit correctly.
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I cant really tell all that well from the pic... but flip the bolt the other way so the longer part is sticking out toward the wheels and the smaller end toward the box. see if that makes a differnce... it might... it might not but that just a suggestion.
Thanks Crazy...

I already backed out the pins on the shackle to see if it made the difference.

I followed the offroad article to determine where to cut my hole in the cross member, and it is looking like I may have miss judged a little.

I will see if a little adjustment will allow me to manipulate the box like I need to.

Where are your spacers?


I have the spacers...just not on the bracket yet.
10-4. I know this doesn't help you now, but I aligned everything on mine before I started welding. In your case not sure. Maybe you can combine a couple of things: Turn the shackle bolt around so only the head sticks out, maybe grind the head down slightly, and use slightly longer spacers?

Or maybe you can pull the shackle and replace that one bolt with a pin that is welded to that half of the shackle?

Just kicking ideas around.
Just cut some of the material off the scab plate and radius the corners to keep the strength, that's what I had to do. Good luck.


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