RTH - CDL won't unlock

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Box Rocket

Jan 2, 2003
Syracuse, Utah
So I just replaced my rear driveshaft on my '93 (SF rear axle, non-VC t-case) and while removing the old DS I got most of the bolts undone, then locked the CDL to roll the truck backward a little to get the last bolt. Put the new DS in and now the CDL won't unlock. Dash switch is unresponsive, although that's how I locked it. I've driven probably 15 miles with numerous direction changes, backups etc trying to get it to unlock. I've shifted in and out of low range trying to see if that will do it. Nada.

The CDL dash light is on and it's definitely still locked. It scrubs the tires on corners, want to drive straight etc. Yes I'm sure the switch is in the off position.

Any suggestions? The truck is my wife's DD so I need to get it sorted out soon. In the meantime, are there problems with driving it this way? My wife is planning on driving to her parents tomorrow (approx 50 miles on the highway) and I'm a little worried about her making the drive with it locked up.
Well I got it to unlock. I checked the fuses and they were good. I was getting ready to troubleshoot the actuator and control relay but I tried messing with the switch and shifter again one last time. I shifted in and out of low range several times rather quickly, and backed in and out of the driveway a few times and then went for a drive around the block. I could hear the switch in the cabin clicking and trying to unlock. Then finally it unlocked and the light went out.

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