roof rack lights

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Jun 25, 2007
puyallup, washington
i want to install lights on my rack but would like some suggestions on how to get the wires from the roof to the enginebay. with out it looking getho.. does anyone have pics that would be great.
if you search I'm sure you'll find what you need.

another method might be to run through some of the ROTW's and look for the ones with rack lights.
Here is how I did mine, i tried to run them down the a pillar, under the trim, but could not fit them all, and i didn't want to compromise the gauge of wire.

rack lights

runnig them through the doors i great idea. but has anyone drilled through the roof. if so what did they do to seal the wires.
I haven't done this, but my mind's eye tells me that if your truck had old school mobile phone, you might be able to route through the hole on the roof where the mobile antenna is mounted. Most likely not for the weak of heart, as it would most likely be a very time-consuming method, but very clean.
Another consideration: you would have to perfectly seal against water coming in.
I like jasonMT's idea, clean and uncomplicated.
I am also contimplating this same issue. I will be dropping the headliner sometime in order to convert those tiny rear speakers into lights that turn on when the rear hatch is open. While I have the headliner down, I plan to investigate the possibility of running wire up the D pillar, between the headliner and sheetmetal, and then through an enlarged factory rack mounting hole. I thought I could then mount a waterproof junctiopn box over the hole and then I'd have that J-box as a source for power to rack-mounted driving lights and power into my roof tent.

Currently, I have 4g wire running from my aux battery along the chassis to the right rear. I removed the factory subwoofer and brought the cable through the same existing grommet (it's a tight squeeze) that brings wires to the right rear tail lights. The 4g cable then enters a J-box which is now the source for all my rear power (hard-wired compressor mounted approx where the subwoofer was, 12v female socket, and someday an inverter.)

Anyway, I won't know if this whole through the roof thing will work, but it's my best idea for now.
sseaman, thanks for the link. That is one hell of a clean install and great inginuity. I wonder where he sourced those watertight plugs? Also, my issue is i often take my roof rack off; i wonder if there would be a way to install a male/female plug where snakeeater has his plugs so when i pull the rack i can just unplug the lights?
pm him, or see if he repsonds here, i pmed him during my build and he was very helpful. I have disconnects on mine so i could remove if needed.

thanks for the link it helped alot. going to the hardware store to find the connectors..
Good luck at the hardware store. When I asked for watertight fittings like this, they just gave me the 'deer-in-the-headlight' look.

Check this link if you don't find what you're looking for. I searched under "Heyco Watertight Plugs" and apparently Heyco is now this company.

Remke Industries, Inc. - Search Results

Anyway, post up what you find out or eventually do. I'm doing the wire behind the b-pillar out the door thing now and whenever it rains, the floor below that gets wet. It just opens things up for corrosion that way.

I've tried to think of the best location if I ever found any watertight connectors but always get a little skeered to drill holes in an otherwise good roof!

i went to homedepot lowes and ace and they just gave that look like huh was that.. so i left and went to the boat store he gave me this Ancor Wire Seals
looks like the ones i need i hope just wish there was somplace in vegas where i could look at them i am a real hands on type of one will let me touch
anyway i will be ordering them on monday and i wil let you guys judge them and my install for your self:popcorn::hmm::doh::banana::banana:
I ran my wires from the roof rack to the weatherstrip around my driver's side rear passenger door, behind the strip and down into the engine compartment.


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