Rewiring 65 FJ40 Help!!!

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Dec 28, 2005
Fairfield, CA
Well I am going to take the plunge and rewire my cruiser. Too many splices to deal with plus it looks like crap. I have purchased a EZ wiring 21 circuit kit. The rigs electrical works now but is unreliable. What I am looking for is any advice that might make this process go smoother. I hope to start the project in a week or two.

If you end up removing the old harness, try to do so in as few pieces as possible -- and post it up on the sale site here for someone trying to keep their old cruiser going.
Give youself all the time you need to get this done because it will take you a while.

Make a "home made" schematic on paper, decide which wire will go where, make tape labels for each of the painless wires and move from one circuit to another. I wouldn't just rip out all of the old and start with new. I would rip out one circut at a time, re wire, test, move to the next one and so on. Make sure to test for shorts by pulling your neg. batt cable putting a test light on it between the post and the cable during the process so you can catch something if it crops up and don't have to spend hours and hours hunting for it.

I rewired about 50% of mine in a very long weekend and it completely fixed all of those annoying electrical problems.
Plan ahead too. If you have gadgets/gizmos your planning on adding later, now's the time to think about having wires for them when you do add them in.

I pulled mine, laid it in the garage labeled everything and then stated repalcing the bad/worn/spliced with good stuff. You won't have much of a problem with a new harness, your problem will be the connections to your existing LC stuff.

My suggestion...Do It Right The First Time!!

search, there were earlier posts on wiring. I second the step-by step pull-out, don't just cut everything, the switches work differently on Toyotas than the philosophy going into the new wiring harness, which follows GM.
not too much help here, but just did the ez21. Figure it was time for the GM tilt column, i have no stock gauges or switches but it will take time to get it all sorted. There are people here who can do it in a weekend me it took 4 weekends to get it all to work but with all the issues im not sure it all worked before.

Take your time it's worth it, and in my opinion always go with 21 circuits i have an electric fan 4 light systems and still have 2 extra circuits.
I'm just wiring my 70 right now - I have the same harness you do - the 21 circut. Do your wiring in stages, I ran power to my harness first so i could check if there was current/connection between all new connections. Have to be careful when doing this though, because you could ark if you do not disconnect the negative terminal. Wired my ligts, and flashers, tested, moved on. Wired starteer/cylenoid, etc...
Just do it a little at a time. I'm wiring from scratch (ripped the old harness right out before I knew of this forum) pain in the ass - it's really a good idea to run the wire based on the old harness....
just my 02
good luck - make sure you have a good wiring diagram
I just finished mine a month back in a 65.
I ripped all the old crap out and started from scratch.
Mark out all your wiring on the new harness and start laying it out.'

I started at the front and worked my way back.
left the motor untill the end.

I used a 78 harness and Xed lots of the wiring.
No heater down here or fans and stuff.

Like above says download a good diagram
If you need one and can't find it on this form drop me a line and I will forward one to ya.

Good luck and count on a couple days of work.
It really isn't that bad if you lay it all out before hand and take your time.
My rig has a Chevy conversion can anyone tell me how this might affect my wiring plan? What I mean is there anything special I should be aware of?


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