Recommendations on re wire kit

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Jul 31, 2019
Swansboro, NC.
Anyone have recommendations on a good rewire kit for a ‘65 FJ40? My wiring system is foiled. Lots of hacking plus it has a GM steering column and alternator. I saw 14 and 22 circuits on the SOR site. I would like to have heating but don’t care about fuel pumps etc. it does have KC fog/spot lights. That’s about all the extras. Not sure if it had emergency flashers or not.
I am in a similar boat, '78 with mods, and desires for additional options. My main request is a harness that has water resistance for splash or flood. What is available for our classic vehicles?
I re-wired with a Painless kit. There's also Haywire & Co and Ron Francis. I would talk to each company and tell them what you need, how many circuits you want and if there're water proof, if that's what you're looking for. You'll get more responses from people with more experience in wiring their rigs themselves. I had my buddy wire mine and I did want all weather tech connections. Start gathering some info and wait for more people to chime in on this. Good luck!!
Don't forget @Coolerman rebuilds your factory harness.

Centech makes good quality kits also.
Keep in mind that factory Toyota switches are not plug n play with any generic aftermarket harness. Not a huge deal, just something to note.
Having a GM steering column makes it easy especially if the turn signal/hazard and ignition switches are in the column.

An easy wire 12 circuit will work well. Just identify which posts on the Toyota switches need power and go from there. If you are using a harness that has the flashers built in, wire it like a Chevy and drive it.
Last I heard, Coolerman said he was booked through this year.

I used Painless, it worked fine. you can mate it up to the original stuff, just takes a little.

If you want original, go Coolerman.

The Painless gets you a real fuse box and other stuff that you're probably living with right now - like the screw panels on the fender wells

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