Rear Hatch Glass

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Feb 5, 2020
Harpers Ferry, WV
I know my FJ62 had tint at some point in its life, but has since been removed. The issue is whatever PO that removed the tint used a razor blade to scrape it off and absolutely messed up the defogger lines. So only about three of the lines currently work. I’ve been wanting to get my FJ62 tinted, need to resolve the defogger issue first.

I know they make repair kits for the defogger lines, but honestly I don’t think it’s worth the time/money to try to repair this lines. They’re messed up pretty good and don’t want it to look like a child’s art project.

Anyone know of a source for new rear glass?
I got one new from toyota in 2016. The parts guy said I got one of 3 left in the country at the time. Maybe you'll be extremely lucky. all my defrosters work but they're nothing like a new car's still.
The glass is NLA from Toyota, as of years ago. Used glass is your only option. I agree with others - unless you live in a damp climate with 6 hyperventilating people in your truck on a cold day, you will never need the rear defroster.
I can relate to @poptart. In DFW i use my defrosters nearly all the time. Its a humid climate even in the winter and without the defrosters I cant see anything. I dont use my side mirrors at all only my rear view mirror so its really hard to navigate without a clear view. It may be worth it to do the repair work and paint the defroster back on
You could look for one of those small heater/blower setups that are electric. Mount it somewhere in the back where it blows on the rear glass and switch it on at the dash when you need it.

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